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Entries for April, 2007

April Showers Bring May Headaches

Tweet Ah yes. Another April weekend, another bunch of postponed matches. Normally I wouldn’t mind because the grass on the fields was coming up and the more water the better. But our recent cold snap knocked it back to brown pretty quick! So we start over again. Here’s hoping we avoid the washout on the […]

Getting Back To Business

Tweet Yes, I know the actual ‘soccer’ posts have been few and far between recently. Not unusual during the youth soccer season – but worse when I’m neck deep in multiple projects. So my apologies. Today’s my day to recharge so I guess that’s a better time than ever to write! So what exactly have […]

730 Days Old!

Tweet Two years ago I fired up WordPress and decided to give blogging a go. I honestly didn’t think I’d make it 6 months. Granted, I don’t post daily – just don’t have the time. But hopefully I’m posting enough to keep it interesting for all 20 of you including you there in the back. […]

Checking Out The New Digs

Tweet Well, we’re on our new web host – hopefully the only thing you notice is faster page loads. If you notice anything wrong, missing, or unusual, post a comment or drop me an email.

Off The Post!

Tweet Just a heads up that I’m planning to move On The Pitch to some new hosting digs in the next few days. Hopefully you won’t notice anything (except faster response times!), but worst case, you may not be able to get to the site for 15 minutes or so. Once we’re at our new […]

Soccer Dad Gets Tagged

Tweet So Lisa over at LDSM, Soccer Mom decided to tag me for music I’ve been listening to lately. Let’s just say Soccer Dad isn’t the most musically inclined person to begin with, but with four kids, most of the songs I hear these days come off of DVDs with cute little animated characters on […]

The Footie Bunny

Tweet Who knew the Easter Bunny was a soccer fan? Soccer Mom outdid herself – finding stuffed bunnies holding a soccer ball AND chocolate soccer eggs. Happy Easter!

Eric Wynalda Tells It Like It Is

Tweet Josh over at ThroughBall linked in to a fantastic interview that Christian Franek recently did with Eric Wynalda before the USMNT v. Ecuador match. I know I normally quote a bit here and there, but the entire article is quotable. Go read the entire thing if you haven’t already. I have to say I […]

BallHype – Social Networking for Sports

Tweet I happened to be looking at my access stats (bored much?) and noticed an incoming hit from a site ‘ballhype.com’ that I didn’t recognize. So I decided to pay a visit out of curiosity. I’m glad I did! BallHype is a social networking site similar to Digg that is dedicated to all things sports. […]

Note To New Youth Soccer Coaches

Tweet Yes, if you tell them this, they really WILL do this. Been there, done that.  

The Great BlogRoll Purge – SoccerSphere Style

Tweet Those of you who frequent political blogs are likely familiar with the ‘The Great BlogRoll Purge of 2007‘ that Atrios started. Well, agree with it our not, I’m not even close to the C-list, let alone the A-list. However, even my BlogRoll was getting long and outdated. Many of the sites listed haven’t been […]

Making The Little Kids Laugh

Tweet As anyone with kids in U5 or U6 soccer knows – the kids are out there to learn some basic soccer skills, but also to just have some fun and develop a love of the game. My son started playing U5 this Spring and after his first match, his coach sent out eCards to […]

New IRS Proposals Could Mean More Paperwork

Tweet The IRS is considering some proposals that could significantly add to the paperwork and record keeping overhead of youth soccer leagues (most of which are non-profit corporations). According to a recent article a CNN/Money, the IRS is hoping to increase it’s collection rate from businesses. However, the proposals will require many more 1099s to […]

I’m So Ashamed

Tweet Here April Fools Day came and went and I didn’t put up a single post. I’m so ashamed. What fun it would have been to write "US Soccer brings Bruce Arena back into the fold as lifetime head coach of the men’s national team" or "Dave O’Brien banished from soccer announcing by FIFA decree" […]