The NCYSA Board of Directors will be meeting on April 14th to vote on the proposed Academy Program. A working committee, primarily made up of league DOCs and Presidents, worked to produce the current version of the proposal. I’ve written a variety of opinions on the Academy program, so I won’t rehash them here. I’m not sure how our league will vote yet – have to wait for our next board meeting, but I’m fairly sure our league won’t be forming an academy program this coming Fall.

The main reason is the prohibition on dual rostering. We have plenty of Rec players who might like some extra matches and pool training, but not if they lose their ‘team’. Instead, we’re looking at adding a weekly U9/U10 pool training style clinic led by our more experienced coaches to help the kids improve skills and conditioning. It’ll be open to all of our Rec players. Still in the planning stages, but for our league and where we are right now, we think it’ll benefit more players than a dedicated academy program, which may have limited enrollment. That may change in later years – we’ll see.

So if you have any opinions on this proposal, be sure to let your league president and board know!