1989 NC Boys Win ODP National Championship

Congratulations to the 1989 North Carolina Boys ODP team for winning the ODP National Championship, defeating Arizona 4-1.

The Arizona 1990 boys are the first team from Arizona to make it to the tournament and were hoping for gold, but met a North Carolina side seeking the same. North Carolina won 4-1 after a tremendous team
effort. Spencer Lomax III (10:00), Shawn Guderian (42:00), Will Shull (51:00), and Sean Haglund (74:00) each scored for North Carolina and Kyle Parsons (28:00) scored the only goal for Arizona.

“This is something we worked towards for the last two years. I don’t think there is one particular player that stands out from the rest. It is a good group of guys. The attitude is right and everything just came together,"? said Doug Hess, North Carolina’s coach. “This is a good environment for them to learn and grow to get them ready for the next level."?

The full press release can be found at NC Soccer. The team advanced to the Championship match by defeating Massachusetts 2-1. Clint Irwin was awarded the Golden Glove for the Tournament and Will Shull was awarded the Golden Boot.


Yes, I know this isn’t a ‘local’ soccer blog, but can’t help myself when the North Carolina teams do well! 

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  1. I’m on the 95 NC Boys ODP Team and Clint Irwin went to my school (Charlotte Christian) congrats to all the boys and keep it up. Saw Clint play against Furman for Elon…..

  2. I watched the 95 Boys West team 1 play the Region Event in Williamsburg and here is what I observed:
    Best players-Marco Sunol, Ben Steen, Jared Odenbeck, Tomas Hilliard Arce, Zhuvonte Wilson, and Jonathan Stillman…

    Seemed to need improvement-Steven Reicht, Ian Orr, Scout Monteath, Adam Campbell…

    Congrats to all the boys regardlessly and good luck at Region camp and beyond possibly..

    Well done drawing against the 94’s from Maryland, Virginia 1 and Virginia 2 by the way

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