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No, Tell Us How You REALLY Feel!

Tweet Josh over at ThroughBall had an excellent take on the USA v Guatemala draw: You can expect me to put as much effort into ThroughBall.com today as the U.S. Men’s National team put into their game with Guatemala last night. See you tomorrow. I know, I know, Guatemala played nothing but defense. That still […]

US Youth Soccer National League Formed

Tweet As the USYSA announced in December, they have formally organized the US Youth Soccer National League (NL). The charter has been adopted, which sets the basic structure for the league that will kick off this fall: The League will begin operation in the 2007-2008 seasonal year that goes from September 1, 2007, through August […]

Forums – Worth Doing?

Tweet Hey you. On The Pitch readers. Yes, all ten of you… I have a question. Recent estimates point out that 17 million kids in America play soccer. I know parents of youth soccer players who can sit and talk for HOURS about youth soccer – in a good way. But there doesn’t seem to […]

But The Rules Say…

Tweet When our league was forming, I spent a lot of time visiting the websites of various established soccer leagues, trying to get a handle on what type of modified rules they played by. This was in the midst of the movement to small sided soccer, but regardless of the field size a league used, […]

What Color Should US Soccer Use?

Tweet Building on Ives’ point about US Soccer picking a color for the away kit and sticking to it so the fans will all match, what color should the US Soccer away kit be? Why?  


Tweet Via Soccer Fiesta, we find that Nike has released the new third jersey for the US Soccer teams. I’m sorry, but pinstripes are for suits and pajamas. Not an improvement IMHO. UPDATE: Ives has a good point: I think the US needs to settle on one trademark uniform ala Argentina’s light blue stripes, Italy’s […]

NCYSA Academy Proposal – BOD Meets April 14th

Tweet The NCYSA Board of Directors will be meeting on April 14th to vote on the proposed Academy Program. A working committee, primarily made up of league DOCs and Presidents, worked to produce the current version of the proposal. I’ve written a variety of opinions on the Academy program, so I won’t rehash them here. […]

1989 NC Boys Win ODP National Championship

Tweet Congratulations to the 1989 North Carolina Boys ODP team for winning the ODP National Championship, defeating Arizona 4-1. The Arizona 1990 boys are the first team from Arizona to make it to the tournament and were hoping for gold, but met a North Carolina side seeking the same. North Carolina won 4-1 after a […]

Freddy Adu, Et tu?

Tweet Reader JM sent along a post from Are You Loyal that talked about a recent Freddy Adu interview where he blames the dwindling interest in soccer as tweens turn into teens on the youth soccer coaches: Last week, in an interview in Spain, Freddy Adu was asked why soccer’s popularity in America dwindles when […]

From The Mouths Of Teenagers…

Tweet I was talking with someone in our extended family, who is 16 and in the thick of high school, about youth soccer and how it wasn’t just an activity for the kids, but also a social outlet for the parents. To which she replies: Soccer is social??? It’s high school drama with women in […]

Soccerisms for Spring

Tweet You know Spring has arrived… When the kids can practice without their Under Armour on 70 degrees today was a far cry from the 30’s and 40’s with 15MPH winds we’ve had for most of late February and early March! 

Predicting A Curriculum Change

Tweet When I took my ‘E’ License class, the instructors and handout materials talked about how water was better for re-hydrating youth soccer players than sports drinks. I think that curriculum might be adjusted a bit: The United States Youth Soccer Association (US Youth Soccer) today announced its partnership with The Gatorade Company. The sponsorship […]

Growing The Super Athlete

Tweet The NY Times has an in-depth article about what goes into the making of ‘super athletes’ and some of the unexpected places they come from and train. Read the entire article – it’s worth it as the author looks into a variety of possible factors, both culture and bio-mechanical. Now I’m not saying we […]

Man, That Felt Good

Tweet Youth soccer coaches work hard to teach their kids the beautiful game and take pleasure in seeing them all improve and play better soccer. But even when you have a team with a solid core of performers, it can still be like herding cats trying to get them to play consistently as a ‘team’. […]

Minivan Abuse

Tweet Watching ‘Mom my ride’ over at LDSM, Soccer Mom, it reminded me I had a minivan post of my own to write. Our poor minivan is pushing 10 years old and we abuse the heck out of it. All those commercials of the gleaming minivan, kids in a spotless soccer uniform, scuff free soccer […]