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Entries for February, 2007

And Then There Were Three…

Tweet Our life just got a bit more hectic. #3 (with his sister on the left) had his first practice last week and now it’s official … we’ve got three kids playing soccer. Don’t get me wrong – our two youngest have grown up at the soccer fields (#4 was there two days after coming […]

Jugadores confusos del fútbol

Tweet Just when you were comfortable with your weekends free to do whatever, so begins another season! And there was much rejoicing! As luck would have it, we had beautiful weather in January with temperatures often hitting 60 or 70. As soon as practices started – yup – frigid temperatures, wind, rain, even a little […]

The Culture of Soccer (Moms)

Tweet Watercolor by Maryann Burton If you haven’t had a chance to stop by the relatively new blog ‘Culture of Soccer‘ by David Keyes, you should find some time to do so. I found my way there thanks to Josh over at ThroughBall and have enjoyed reading David’s in depth posts about a variety of […]

Who Let The Coaches Out? Who? Who? Who? Who?

Tweet We recently had some coaches come in to hold a demonstration clinic for our Challenge coaches. They demonstrated a variety of drills they like to run the kids through and it was a lot of fun. They did one thing I found really interesting. They brought a boombox with a CD full of music […]

A Soccer Mom Who ‘Gets It’

Tweet Someone recently posted a comment on one of the older NCYSA Academy Proposal posts and it was excellent. I wanted to make sure everyone saw it because I think it’s a post in it’s own right on where youth soccer is today from a parent’s perspective. So I give you ‘Soccer Mom on Soccer’: […]

Removing The Cleat From Your Mouth

Tweet No matter how many times our DOCs tell us never to shout at our players during a match, we still do from time to time. Over at the NC Soccer Forum, there’s a thread going on about those ‘Cleat In Mouth’ moments we’ve all had as coaches. Here’s one of mine: I took my […]

How Cold Is Too Cold?

Tweet Man has it been cold outside! I know for those of you up North, this seems funny. But we start our Spring soccer seasons in February here in NC, for practice anyway. For mid February the average temperature range is usually 32°F to 53°F or so. But this year we’ve had an extended cold […]

Well Said

Tweet I received this recently from one of our league’s sponsors who was thanking the many league volunteers for all they do and had to share it. I thought it was very well put. Thank "all" of you for the time and effort ya’ll spend making a difference in our children and community. I’m a […]

NCYSA Rec State Cup – R.I.P.

Tweet At the recent NCYSA Annual General Meeting, the VP of Tournaments noted during his annual report that he felt the existence of a ‘State Cup’ for recreational soccer below U13 was inappropriate and felt it needed to be done away with. At the Recreation Council meeting the day before, it was noted that attendance […]

NCYSA Academy Proposal II

Tweet Now that the NCYSA Academy Committee has met, there is a lot of new information regarding the academies and what kind of proposal will actually go before the NCYSA league presidents for approval this Spring. I apologize for not getting this post out earlier – like many of you, we’re in the think of […]

Operation Flat Soccer Ball

Tweet Only the US Army could manage to take a potentially good operation and turn it into an insulting effort of bureaucratic stupidity, putting our troops at risk for nothing. You may recall a while back we wrote about a neat grassroots effort to send soccer balls to kids in Iraq. Soccer is THE sport […]

Oh No… He’s Baaaaaack

Tweet I get home from playing some pickup, turn on ESPN2, and that voice. THAT VOICE. I thought we were safe. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. What is ESPN doing to us?

Dad Gone Mad

Tweet Note to self: Never blog about your vasectomy, with pictures, and expect your player’s parents to not find it. Those of you who have read this blog for a while know I’m, well, opinionated. I’m sure some of my parents have read my stuff, but that doesn’t keep me from spouting off about this […]

The Gender Paradox

Tweet Sorry for being so quiet of late. The spring season is dead ahead and I’ve been busy setting up rosters and dealing with OCD parents, nervous coaches, and every other manner of soccerati. While I was going through our registrations for the year (almost 700 recreation registrations on our league’s 5th anniversary), I noticed […]