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Entries for January, 2007

One Vision of How An Academy Might Work

Tweet With all the talk about the NCYSA trying to form an academy program, I wanted to jot down my own thoughts on how an Academy might work in the local soccer association I’m a part of. Now, while I’m president of our local association, I’m just one person out of many who help run […]

SuperLiga Has Me Super Psyched

Tweet Ever since Univision let the cat out of the bag about a possible North American soccer tournament during their annual ‘upfront’ presentation to potential advertisers, American soccer fans have wondered how it would be structured. Well now we know.

The Bidet of US Sports? That’s A New One!

Tweet We’ve all read various moronic columnists who hate soccer and write all sorts of drivel about it hoping to reaffirm people’s mistaken belief that soccer isn’t becoming more popular in the U.S., but this column sets a new standard. The headline? Soccer: the bidet of U.S. sports You have to be kidding me. It’s […]

NCYSA – Risk Management & New Membership

Tweet I know many of you are probably bored to tears by my NCYSA Annual Meeting recaps, but considering how often folks feel like things all happen in smokey back rooms, I figured I’d shed some light on the parts I was in. There’s also some useful info here that may help leagues that couldn’t […]

NCYSA – Annual General Meeting

Tweet While much of the discussion happened during Saturday’s working meetings, the Annual General Meeting had a full agenda. In addition, based on the previous days discussion, the NCYSA had promised to bring a new proposal for amending the bylaws to allow for a To Be Determined Academy program. Disclaimer: Much of what I write […]

NCYSA – Recreation Council Meeting

Tweet Normally meetings of the NCYSA Recreation Council aren’t anything to write home about because Rec soccer seems to often be an afterthought for many. It’s all Challenge and Classic. But that seems to be changing, in part due to the renewed efforts if the NCYSA VP of Rec and the Asst Director of Rec. […]

NCYSA – The Academy Proposal

Tweet The most talked about topic this past weekend at the NCYSA Southern Soccer Show was the Academy Proposal brought forward by NCYSA DOC Chris Little and an executive committee that had reviewed the subject. I wrote a bit earlier about the original proposal. In a nutshell, the NCYSA was proposing the creation of a […]

NCYSA AGM – The Employee/Contractor Presentation

Here are some highlights from the Independent Contractor/Employee presentation at this year’s NCYSA Southern Soccer Show

NCYSA Annual General Meeting

Tweet I spent the past weekend at the annual NCYSA Southern Soccer Show, mostly in meeting rooms with presidents of soccer associations across the state. A lot of people think that there’s a super secret decoder ring involved with these meetings because it can take a while for the minutes to come online and not […]

NCYSA Soccer Academy Proposal

Tweet The North Carolina Youth Soccer Association is considering the formation of a new ‘Academy’ division to go along with the existing Recreational, Challenge and Classic divisions. It is a significant addition to the state soccer organization and while it is nothing revolutionary, it will likely result in a contentious debate during this weekend’s Annual […]

Pointy Ball Heaven

Tweet I admit that next to soccer, pointy ball is my next favorite sport. I don’t get to watch nearly enough of it with all that’s usually going on around here, so I consider myself very lucky to have watched what was easily one of the best bowl games, if not collegiate games, ever. Those […]

Happy New Year!

Tweet Are you ready for 2007? We have some great stuff to look forward to! The 2007 Women’s World Cup – where the USA will actually be a threat :), the Mexico 1st/MLS series, and hopefully the continued growth of the MLS and soccer in the USA. Of course for me, midnight tonight represents the […]