I somehow missed this in my RSS reader, but stumbled across it at Ramblings of a Soccer Junky. The Chicago Fire reached out to Zidane to see if he’d come out of retirement. Apparently they weren’t the only ones.

Guppy told the Chicago Tribune: ‘We reached out to Zidane. But so has every other MLS club. The feedback we’ve all gotten is that he’s retired.’

Man, that would have been priceless. Can you imagine the media coverage? A lot of people know Beckham in the US, but EVERYone was talking about ‘THE headbutt’. If he had come to the MLS, we’d have seen the headbutt on clueless new programs forever. On second thought – maybe it’s good he stayed retired.

Zidane not only has his own Wikipedia page, his headbutt has one too.