Separate Corners

Man it has been a LONG wait for some USMNT action. HAHAHAHA Notice that Rob Stone is sitting between Eric and Bruce? Something tells me that wasn’t an accident :)

If you aren’t near a TV, you can follow the US – Denmark match via The Soccer Daily’s LiveBlog of the match.

UPDATE: Kali at The Real Salt Lake Blog has a great take on the Eric/Bruce combo:

I feel kind of dirty for admitting this, but I’m starting to kind of like the Waldo and Arena commentating team. They’re just bitchy enough to get their respective points across, but you just know that they’re totally biting their tongues…

I’d say that’s about right. 

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  1. we’re terrible. :(

    but i’ll take the penalty call. not sure why bruce is calling for a non-pk. it was easily close enough for a pk. it should have been a red card, too.

    will our players continue to be afraid of the goal? they avoid it like the plague. get that thing anywhere in their sights and they’re sure to stop and turn around. unreal. this is not something you should have to coach at the highest level. strikers are supposed to sense the goal like sharks smell blood.

    at least Bradley is not a fat slob.

    Gulati was a kingmaker – and then came the 06 World Cup, and then came the Klinsmann debacle, and now Gulati is lookin the chump. sucks.

  2. Not the strongest performance by far. Why is Donovan always overshooting his long balls? But hey – it’s the first match. Give ’em a chance to improve.

    As for the PK – definitely a foul (the jersey tug) and it was close. Not sure you could really pull a red there though – he was going down anyway it seemed, regardless of what Denmark did. Donovan got lucky because the Danish keeper guessed right and the shot went right through his hands.