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Entries for January, 2007

Zidane On Fire

Tweet I somehow missed this in my RSS reader, but stumbled across it at Ramblings of a Soccer Junky. The Chicago Fire reached out to Zidane to see if he’d come out of retirement. Apparently they weren’t the only ones. Guppy told the Chicago Tribune: ‘We reached out to Zidane. But so has every other […]

#2 USWNT vs. #1 Germany: 0-0 Draw

Tweet As the Women’s World Cup fast approaches, the rivalry of #1 Germany and #2 USA continued with squads of mostly younger players at the Four Nations Tournament resulting in a 0-0 draw. US Soccer and Fox Soccer have in depth coverage. The USWNT face England next at 3AM Sunday Morning (EST).

Update on The Fugees

Tweet How awesome is this? Bob over at The Offside notes that Universal plans to make a movie based on The Fugees, and part of that deal includes $500,000 to build soccer fields for them. Obviously, this is one team out of thousands who play in substandard facilities in towns hostile to their sport. But […]

Time For Skilled Play Or A Shift Towards the NHL?

Tweet Found via The Far Post Report, Paul Gardner at the New York Sun has a column up talking about how FIFA is allowing violence on the field to the detriment of skilled play. While I think his fixation on Zidane is a bit much (since he actually DID get ejected), I think there is […]

Trecker: US U-20’s Face Little Competition

Tweet Jamie Trecker has a new column up highlighting the recent U20 qualifying rounds for the U20 World Cup and comes to an unsurprising conclusion: it’s pretty clear there is a big gap between what the Americans can do and what resources they have to work with. The USA racked up two big wins right […]

Future of US Soccer Very Bright – Got Shades?

Tweet Greg Lalas has a new column up about the USMNT’s recent performance against Denmark and how the future of the team looks bright because of the infusion of youth: there was the United States’ stylish 3-1 win over Denmark on Saturday. In fact, that win was so impressive and got me so jazzed about […]

Parents Behind The Goals???

Tweet Lisa at LDSM posted this story up of some shameful behavior by parents during a penalty shoot out (or ‘kicks from the mark’ for you purists ) This blows me away. I know parents get out of hand – but using cell phone flashes to distract the kickers? That’s bad enough – but what […]

Some Beckham Fun

Tweet Josh has a fun post up over at ThroughBall, in response to David Beckham heading to L.A. Now that David Beckham will be lacing up his boots in L.A., it seems appropriate to give the Home Depot Center a more historic-sounding moniker. I propose "Discount Theater of Dreams." So hop over to his comment […]

Offside and Advantage

Tweet Jeremy over at SoccerWorld has a post up about the ‘new’ offside interpretation in use for the past year or so and how it allowed a goal to count when a player, uninvolved with play, was very offside: There was much discussion this weekend of Newcastle’s controversial first goal against West Ham. For those […]

Remember – Nobody Cares About Soccer In The US

Tweet The blogosphere was buzzing today about the story of The Fugees, a soccer team of mostly African refugees that wasn’t allowed to use their city park to play soccer and faced many challenges. As I write this, 67 blogs have written about this story and it was the most emailed story from the NY […]

That Was Fast

Tweet The USMNT wins their first match 3-1 and suddenly there are calls for the moniker of ‘Interim Head Coach’ to be dropped for Coach Bradley. So says Soccer y Futbol. I hate to break it to you, but Old Bruce is right again. If you watched Saturday’s U.S.-Denmark match, which gave interim coach Bob […]

A Story of Hope and Hostility

Tweet The NY Times has an in-depth article up today about a youth team in Clarkston, Georgia that faces hurdles most youth soccer teams could never imagine. It is an illuminating look at a situation where a team not only faces the usual ‘we hate soccer’ mindset found in many small towns, but also faces […]

Separate Corners

Tweet Man it has been a LONG wait for some USMNT action. HAHAHAHA Notice that Rob Stone is sitting between Eric and Bruce? Something tells me that wasn’t an accident If you aren’t near a TV, you can follow the US – Denmark match via The Soccer Daily’s LiveBlog of the match. UPDATE: Kali at […]

Dave O’Brien is OUTTA HERE. But…

Tweet Over at ThroughBall, Josh notes that ESPN announced their broadcast team for the upcoming USMNT matches and Dave O’Brien is NOT part of it. But wait. Bruce Arena is. Given The Bruce’s obnoxious tendencies when talking about soccer to the press, this is an improvement how? Well, look who else is on the team: […]

I Am A Geek – And Proud Of It

Tweet There. I said it. I’m a geek, dork, computer nerd, etc. Always have been. The words your reading were sent to you from a server I built – for fun. But does that have anything to do with my love of the beautiful game? D and Kinney over at The DCenters, have a couple […]