With all the rampant speculation regarding the USMNT coaching search, what better way to pass the days than to speculate some more! Lets do a multi question ‘pool’ regarding the search for fame, pseudo fortune, and the accolades of your fellow soccer bloggers!

Of course as soon as I publish this, Gulati will probably make up his mind, though right now they’re still saying ‘no deal’, so who knows. We’re supposed to know who it is soon. Any. Day. Now.â„¢

Simply post a comment with your own speculation, including:

  • Who gets the job (3 points)
  • When the official announcement gets made (2 points)
  • What the holdup was (if we find out) (2 points)
  • Month and year coach will ‘start’ (1 point)

Here are mine: Klinsmann, Dec 11th 2006 announcement, adidas/Nike conflict was the holdup, January 2007 start.

UPDATE: Um, wow – guess we all lose. Bradley?!?!?