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Entries for December, 2006

Who Needs Coaches?

Tweet Kids, cleats, a ball, goals, corner flags, parents along the sideline in folding chairs. Sounds like your average youth soccer match, except for one thing. The only people by the team bench are the kids. One of the players is calling for subs. Where did the coaches go? How can you have a soccer […]

Ninja Soccer Moms

Tweet When you think of books you wouldn’t want to see your team moms reading, one titled Ninja Soccer Moms would likely be close to the top of the list. No good can come from a book with a title like that Who knows what they might do! Seriously though, talk about your sordid ‘tales […]

So What Was Under Your Tree?

Tweet Did Santa get you that new Teamgeist for Christmas? Me neither. But I did get the soccer ball ornament! (Thanks Dad!) So what cool soccer gifts did the Soccer Santa leave under your Christmas tree? As crazy as our family is about soccer, I think the extent of the soccer gifts were some soccer […]

Just Another Night at the Fields

Tweet Sitting in the bleachers watching my eldest play another sport using a round ball, working to defend his part of the floor as the clock wound down, I couldn’t help myself. I kept glancing at another clock on the wall, the round one without lights. It was quarter till seven and there was soccer […]

World Soccer

Tweet Stumbled across this video on Google called World Soccer. I couldn’t help thinking while I watched what they’d show for the USA. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been flattering. What do you think they would have said if they had included the USA?

Letting Donovan Know We Care

Tweet Josh over at Throughball has been having some fun with the news that the SoccerSphere’s [snark]Favorite USMNT Player Ehva[/snark] is getting married. Josh found that Landon and his stunning fiancée Bianca Kajlich have registered at Macy’s, the Pottery Barn and elsewhere. What better way for the SoccerSphere to show Landon that we care than […]

Spam Floods

Tweet Sorry for the lack of posts this week. The spammers have unleashed a botnet that is hitting blogs, forums, and email servers constantly trying to get spam through and unfortunately we’re one of their many targets. While my spam filters are doing a yeoman’s job scanning and rejecting the spam, the sheer volume of […]

US Youth Soccer National League

Tweet I got a bit behind on email and didn’t see this until yesterday. Looks like US Youth Soccer is forming a new youth national league. Not a whole lot of details to be found (via Google anyway). Even BigSoccer is pretty quiet about it. Should be interesting to see how this transpires and how […]

Clint Dempsey: “It’s A Huge Blow for US Soccer”

Tweet Adam ‘Right Place, Right Time’ Spangler has an in depth post up from Bradenton, including some statements from US Soccer folks down there related to the USMNT coaching situation. In addition to a lengthy, PC, response from U17 head coach John Hackworth, he caught up with Clint Dempsey who came right out with it: […]

Soccer In Three of Top Ten Yahoo Searches

Tweet Steve Gilliard linked to Yahoo’s latest Top Ten Sports Searches and the results are interesting: Nos. 5, 6 and 9: Manchester United, Arsenal and Real Madrid. Two words for all the haters out there. Soccer matters. What the Yahoo search means is that this isn’t limited to immigrants or non-English speakers. It means among […]

Bob Bradley Podcast Highlights

Tweet Just got done listening to the US Soccer Bob Bradley podcast. Here are some highlights: It sounds like things fell apart with JK within the last 48 hours – that’s when serious discussions with Bob began. He feels he and Gulati have very similar views on how to proceed. His take on the interim […]

Gulati And Bradley Podcasts Are Up

Tweet US Soccer just posted the Gulati conference call podcast as well as a podcast of Bob Bradley outlining his goals for the USMNT.

No Need For Interim

Tweet Marc Connolly weighs in. He’s wondering why Gulati is dragging this out instead of naming Bradley as head coach outright. In the conference call, Gulati mentioned the month of May quite often when referring to when another head coach could be named. It was a bit awkward, considering that Bradley was also on the […]

U.S. Soccer Just Can’t Score

Tweet I missed this late last night when gathering up various columns and articles about Klinsmann. Steve Dilbeck let loose a broadside against US Soccer titled U.S. Soccer Just Can’t Score in the LA Daily News, one many feel they deserve. Here’s a sampling: The U.S. national team has simply vanished from view. It hasn’t […]

Giving Bradley A Chance

Tweet Once we all get over our disappointment at Klinsmann walking away, we have to come to grips with Bradley as the USMNT coach, at least for a while. Just because almost everyone wanted Klinsi doesn’t mean Bradley is a horrible choice. Ives Galarcep has an excellent article up at Soccernet outlining Bradley’s accomplishments, why […]