I find one of the more difficult things you encounter as a recreational youth soccer coach is to know how you and your team are doing compared to teams outside your league. I don’t mean that as ‘Yeah Man! My team ROCKS!’ Rather, just to know what other coaches encounter, how they deal with common situations, etc. So it was neat to read the Journal of a U7 Coach over at BigSoccer:

I got the idea for this thread from a thread regarding an article by Andrea Canalas of observations at the youth soccer level, which thread turned somewhat into the specific rants/musings, etc. of certain U7 coaches, myself included. So I decided to start this thread as a forum for simply stories, anecdotes, rants, problems, etc., from your current coaching sessions as they happen. No general philosophizing on what’s right/wrong with youth development, or youth clubs, etc., just the sort of talk a few youth coaches might have over a beer following practice. There might me some good ideas offered, or funny stories, or just “been there, done that” moments.

It has turned into a decent thread and is well worth the read, especially some of the commentary from other readers. Gee – sounds just like a blog 😉