Sometimes my niche of youth soccer blogging can seem awfully lonely! So I was happy to find another soccer parent has joined the fray to try and share some of their soccer parent experiences and advice. The aptly named Soccer Parents blog came online this month hoping to help soccer parents avoid common mistakes.

We’ve been a soccer family since Dec. 2003 – boy, I wish I could have found a “Soccer for Dummy Parents"? book way back then. It took us forever to learn all the ends and outs. We didn’t even know the rules of the game other than you were supposed to get the ball into the other goal. So I’m going to try and remember all the things that we learned along the way and share them with you. I hope this will help other soccer parents.

So far they have a number of useful articles about hydration, equipment, and cold weather attire. Welcome to the SoccerSphere E! (HatTip FlatHeadSoccer)