This is for all the coaches out there. Many of us cart around sports bags filled with a variety of things to practices, matches, pickup games, etc. Well, I know I do. Just off the top of my head I know I have the following in there:

Cleats, first aid kit, sleeve of water cups, cones, pinnies, whistles (at least 3 – I lose them all the time), clipboard, scoresheets, pens, stopwatch, ankle brace, agility ladder, referee jersey, linesman flags, ball pump, match ball (on match days), tissues, ace bandages that won’t fit in the first aid kit, Sharpie, sunscreen, and probably some other things I can’t remember (or won’t find until I clean out the bag after the season)

Come on. Admit to your pack-rat tendencies and fess up. What’s in your bag? As for our Question of the Week:

What is the most unusual thing in your coaching bag?

Beyond that, do you have an uncommon item that you’ve found to be a must have?