US Soccer fans have been wondering for years why we don’t participate in the Copa America. After the performance of the USMNT at the World Cup, US Soccer began to hint that we might finally go to get more experience for our team. Over at an American’s View on Futbol, Brian asks a question that has been on my mind too. Why is this still up for debate?

Why would we (we being the USSF) lobby CONMEBOL for an invitation to the tournament that I assume we were already invited to, just to turn it down? That is like the popular kid in school asking to be invited to the neighborhood party, just to say, nah, I don’t need to attend.

I understand that the questions regarding how to play in the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the Copa America are still looming and as we do not have a coach yet, they will be forced to live with any decision that is made. My question is, why is it so hard to figure out how to take part in both tournaments?

A commenter noted that US Soccer was likely waiting to let the new coach decide. Again I would ask why? Just agree to go and the new coach will have one more to-do on their list. All this dithering is silly.