The Question of the Week this week is mainly for parents and other youth soccer spectators.

What is Your Standard Sideline Gear?

Most people equate ‘Soccer Moms’ with mini-vans, which is definitely true. Even with people buying SUVs like crazy over the past few years, there always seemed to be more mini-vans in the parking lot. But what many don’t realize is the defacto accessory for almost ALL youth soccer spectators is the folding chair. However, beyond that many parents bring all sorts of stuff with them. Some parents have a family ‘soccer bag’ that stays packed with all sorts of things like snacks, sweatshirts, changes of clothes, toys for siblings, etc. Sun umbrellas are becoming more and more common. More unusual things include LCD TVs for older siblings, wagons, etc. So what do you always bring? What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen a parent bring?