You encounter a lot of things as a youth soccer coach – every season is different. But as much as your roster may change… you find yourself saying the SAME things during matches. OK, usually you yell them just to be heard over the parents. Either way, here are the Top Ten Things Youth Soccer Coaches Yell During Their Matches in no particular order.

  1. Get Back In Position!
  2. You’re Offsides!
  3. Get The Ball!
  4. Shoot!!!
  5. Wrong Way! (U8 and below hopefully)
  6. Subs!
  7. Are You Kidding? (to the referee on a BAD day 😉 )
  8. Go To The Goal!
  9. Spread Out!
  10. That Was Yours!

There are countless others of course, but you’ll usually here most of these on any given match day. I just felt the need to do a Top Ten List. Must be the full moon.