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Sorry for the lack of posts – been up to my eyeballs in practices, matches, league registration, etc. Things are calming down a bit so I hope to polish off a few posts I’ve been working on and get back into the swing of things. Until then, a public service announcement:

The US Youth Soccer Show – September Episode Premiers*
Wednesday (9/20) at 8:00 pm (ET) on Fox Soccer Channel

The monthly program, on Fox Soccer Channel, will bring viewers in-depth with US Youth Soccer events, players and coaches. Each program will feature Skills School (tips for players), Coaches Connection (tips and activities for coaches), a team or player feature, interviews with US Youth Soccer alumni in the national team or professional ranks, and features on US Youth Soccer’s various programs and events.

This month’s show will highlight some of the Youth Soccer Month celebration taking place across the country. Youth Soccer Month, now in its fourth year, is the annual celebration of soccer in America that takes place each September. Youth Soccer Month highlights the many benefits of soccer including Fun, Family, Fitness and Friendship. Visit for more and register for two contests featuring great prizes.

This month’s show includes an interview with Bobby Convey of Reading in the English Premier League and U.S. Men’s National Team. Convey is a former US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program standout and product of the Philadelphia Soccer Club in Eastern Pennsylvania. Bobby’s back at his home club to see how the group is doing and offer some input on a few drills.

In addition to Convey’s interview, host Glenn Davis will sit down with the Houston Dynamo’s Eddie Robinson, a former US Youth Soccer ODP standout from North Carolina where his mother, Kathy, serves as executive director of North Carolina Youth Soccer Association. Eddie talks with Glenn Davis about his experiences as a youth player and as a professional.

September’s show highlights three teams: The Polar Bears of Bellingham, Massachusetts, the Giants of East Brunswick, New Jersey and the Dynamo F.C. of Indiana.

As always, The US Youth Soccer Show will provide tips for coaches and players on how to improve their game! Don’t miss this month’s Skills School and Coaches Connection! This month’s Skills School features US Youth Soccer Nevada’s director of coaching Eddie Henderson teaching the push pass. The Coaches Connection features Sam Snow, director of coaching education for US Youth Soccer instructing you on how to teach the wall pass.

Don’t forget to join in the celebration of Youth Soccer Month taking place now across the nation. Visit for more!

Would you like to see your team or yourself on TV? Send us your game footage or footage of your juggling skills today and show the world what you’ve got.

The US Youth Soccer Show – September Episode Premiers*
Wednesday (9/20) at 8:00 pm (ET) on Fox Soccer Channel

The reairs are on:
9/21 6:30pm ET
9/22 5:30pm ET
9/25 5:30pm ET
10/2 5:30pm ET
10/9 5:30pm ET
10/16 5:30pm ET
*subject to change, check your local listings.

I’ve not managed to sit down and watch this show before. Has anyone else? What did you think? If I manage to catch it I’ll definitely post something about it.

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  1. I watched a few episodes – not a bad show. I do like the coaching tips. I like Fox FC, as well. Heather Mitts (USWNT) and others give some good coaching tips on that show.