The Soccer Moms Are Getting Restless

I’m a bit late posting about this due to our season starting up, but I had to post. Just. Had. To.

Do you know what YOUR Soccer Moms are doing during practice?

TRENTON, Ohio – It’s not how you would picture your typical soccer moms — unless, of course, you’re picturing a scene from Showtime’s "Weeds." Police said 40-year-old Deborah Spangler and 39-year-old Jessica Riddell passed the time during their children’s soccer practice by sharing a joint in a minivan in the soccer field’s parking lot.

LDSM Soccer Mom said it best:

Maybe they were just trying to cover up that awful shinguard smell…

Nothing can cover up that smell. Nothing. Our Febreeze bottle hides in the back of the cabinet shaking with fear when we come after it with with shinguards and cleats in hand.

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