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When Coaches Don’t Think, The Refs Have To

Tweet As a soccer fan and coach, I really enjoy reading the few referee blogs out there. They give you a great perspective on the state of the amateur game and if coaches and parents are really doing some of the things we’ve heard about. (they are) But what I find most useful is their […]

More Details Emerge For MLS Youth Development

Tweet Ridge Mahoney over at SoccerAmerica has the first firm details about the much anticipated MLS Youth Development Program which we’ve discussed previously. The good news is, the MLS will mandate that clubs run youth development programs. The bad news is they still haven’t said how they plan to avoid eligibility problems and also will […]

Why Only Watch When You Can Play?

Soccer is a wonderful game that has millions of fans worldwide. But to really enjoy soccer you should play it. Thanks to a number of websites, finding a local pickup game is easier than ever. This article lists many of the sites and what features they offer so you can get started looking for a pickup game right away. So grab those cleats and a ball and get playing!

What Better Way To Spend A Weekend

Tweet Footie Girl explains why she loves soccer tournaments. If you’ve ever wondered why some people live and breath soccer, here’s one player’s perspective. There’s a reason why they call it the beautiful game and it’s not just the play on the field.

QOTW: Are You Seeing The ‘New’ Offside Rule Called?

Tweet Just over a year ago, FIFA added clarifications to the offside rule trying to clarify when a player was gaining advantage, interfering with an opponent, and interfering with play: The definitions of elements of involvement in active play are as follows: Interfering with play means playing or touching the ball passed or touched by […]

The War On Homework Continues

Tweet I wrote an article recently about the ever growing amount of homework kids are getting and wondering how kids who choose to play sports are dealing with it. This was in response to a couple of great posts over at White Trash Mom. It may just be me, but I seem to have noticed […]

Mad Skillz Plus Marketing

Tweet What do you get when you mix amazing freestyle ball skills with some online marketing savy? BambiBall She probably could teach the Chinlone folks a thing or two.

Frog Soccer

Tweet This is what happens when you do computer animation and drugs at the same time. Or some ad exec who loves soccer had a vision during a bad acid trip and woke up thinking ‘this would be a GREAT idea’. UPDATE: Yes, even something as annoying as the Crazy ‘Ring Ding Ding’ Frog has […]

Penalty Kick Shootouts to be Kicked?

Tweet FIFA’s president now feels that World Cup finals should not be decided on penalty kicks. Am I the only person who thinks a PSO is just fine? Sepp Blatter feels it is a tragedy: ‘When it comes to the World Cup final it is passion, and when it goes to extra time it is […]

Coaching From The Sideline – Sometimes

Tweet As any youth coach who has taken a USSF coaching class knows, you are encouraged to pretty much sit quietly on the sidelines during matches and not instruct players. This is great advice – the idea being if they don’t know it already, they aren’t likely to figure it out in the frantic activity […]

Strategic Thinking Followup

Tweet In preparation for our U10 division moving from 8v8 to 6v6 this season, I wrote a few articles this summer that talked about how to handle the smaller sided match: Strategic Thinking and U10: 2-3 or not 2-3. Now that my U10 team is well into our Fall season, I figured I’d revisit the […]

It’s All About The Snacks This Season!

Tweet Once you get sucked into the wonderful world of youth soccer as a coach, it’s often hard to escape. Not that I’m complaining a bit. I really enjoy coaching and working with the younger kids as they develop their soccer skills. Just like teachers talk about the excitement when a student ‘gets it’, coaching […]

Carnival of American Soccer #5

Tweet Having fallen off the face of the Soccersphere firmly onto our local youth soccer pitches, I managed to miss the call for posts for the Carnival of American Soccer #5. It was a good one – asking contributors to write about the background, character, story, etc. of their local MLS team. The posts that […]

A Home On The Field

Tweet Lisa over at LDSM, Soccer Mom recently highlighted a new book that is out called ‘A Home On The Field‘ which sounds very interesting. Written by TIME Magazine reporter Paul Cuadros, it chronicles the experiences and hardships of a group of Latino students working to start up a soccer team at their school and […]

School Comes First, But Where Does It End?

Tweet I happened across a couple of posts over at White Trash Mom where they’re upset with the ever increasing amount of homework their kids are having to complete. The Tacky Princess gets a good rant going about the amount of homework her kids have each day. She talks about a new book out called […]