Years ago when our local league first got started, Soccer Mom and I realized that we could do our part to help grow the ranks of soccer players in our town. So we proceeded to turn our family into it’s own small sided soccer team. On any given day, you’re likely to find one or more of our players^H^H^H^H^Hchildren running around the soccer complex, on and off the pitches. With Soccer Dad coaching two teams in U8 (#2 – The Princess) and U10 (#1 – The Eldest), plus the rookies (Ages 3 (#3) and 1 (#4)) causing general mischief, things can get, well, crazy. Just trying to keep the little ones off the pitch during the older sibling’s practices can be a challenge. But we manage, barely. (In all seriousness – we have a LOT of fun)

That is until last week. As I was running my U8’s through their paces, another coach nearby yells out ‘Hey Coach! I didn’t think the grass needed any more watering!’ Followed by hysterical laughter from the coach and MANY parents. Uh… Soccer Dad had this look of utter bewilderment until I turned around and there was #3. He had dropped his pants to his ankles and had proceeded to water the pitch. On the busiest practice night of the week. He was smiling to beat the band because he’d made so many parents laugh. Oh. My. God. Needless to say I scooped him and his pants up and quickly explained to him that there were bathrooms at the complex for a reason. Soccer Mom almost died from embarrassment.

Too funny. Well, until I came back for U8 practice the next week and found a small brown spot on the pitch. Oooops. I have a feeling I’ll be hearing about this during coach get-togethers for years to come. :)