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Entries for August, 2006

QOTW: When Should Teams Segregate?

Tweet This week’s question deals with gender separation of soccer teams. Many recreational leagues across the country have coed teams, though the reasons for this can vary. Our league has all coed teams at the recreational level and only when players move to Challenge (travel) teams do they split up into boys teams and girls […]

U10: 2-3 or not 2-3. That is the Question.

Tweet My U10 Rec team had their first scrimmage last night and did well. I was thrilled to see them finally starting to look UP and get aware of what’s happening on the field (vs. looking at the ball all the time). However, I’m still struggling with how to arrange my players for 6v6. I […]

It’s All About The Perspective

Tweet Josh over at Throughball had some key things to take away from Bruce Arena’s now infamous SI interview with Grant Wahl. Lets just say with Bruce’s well known ‘way’ with the media, they weren’t positive. But the real fun started in the comment thread, and I just had to share this comment which was […]

QOTW: Should Offside Be Called for U10 Small Side?

Tweet I’m going to start up a new regular feature here at On The Pitch – a Question of the Week (QOTW). Based on whatever might be gripping the soccer world or my own feeble brain at any given moment, I’ll try to use the QOTW to stimulate some debate and commentary among soccer fans. […]

Mom? Dad? I’m Back!

Tweet Over at LDSM, Soccer Mom we find that many MLS reserve players are paid just above minimum wage ($10712/year) and often have to rely on (and sometimes live with) Mom, Dad, and friends. Now minor league baseball players don’t get paid squat either – I’m not singling out the MLS for unique scorn. They’re […]

US Soccer Carnival IV – US Open Cup

Tweet Don’t miss the 4th US Soccer Carnival over at My Soccer Blog. Many excellent posts about the US Open Cup and how to improve it.

When You’re Bored And You Can’t Sleep…

Tweet What’s a soccer blogger to do? Surf YouTube of course! let’s see what we stumbled across in the wee hours of the morning…

Soccer Dad Tries Out The Other Sideline

Tweet Our eldest had his first scrimmage this weekend with his U10 Challenge team, playing the White team from nearby Burlington. Having spent most of his soccer career on the coaches sideline when he plays, it was refreshing to just be a spectator. This is old hat to many of you with Challenge/Classic/Select players, but […]

Coaching To Win

Tweet It is very common in American youth sports to find coaches whose sole desire is to win. The best kids play, the worst kids sit. Youth leagues across many sports have tried to implement rules to ensure kids get equitable playing time, at least at the recreational level. Most recreational soccer leagues implement some […]

The Soccer Dad (and Mom) Circus

Tweet Years ago when our local league first got started, Soccer Mom and I realized that we could do our part to help grow the ranks of soccer players in our town. So we proceeded to turn our family into it’s own small sided soccer team. On any given day, you’re likely to find one […]

Keep (and Tweak) the US Open Cup

Tweet With the 2006 US Open Cup entering the Quarterfinal round later this month, Mike H over at My Soccer Blog wisely chose the USOC as the topic for the 4th American Soccer Carnival. Should it be kept or folded, and if kept, how could it be improved? For those of you who aren’t well […]

Soccer Isn’t Physical Enough For Tiger Woods?

Tweet Over at LDSM Soccer Mom, Lisa notes a Bloomberg article where Tiger Woods states he doesn’t plan to be a Soccer Dad because soccer isn’t physical enough: Tiger Woods said that no matter how much golf he’s playing in 20 years, he won’t be a "soccer dad." Woods, a 30-year-old American who won his […]

Third Soccer/Football Blog Carnival

Tweet Welcome to the 3rd Soccer/Football Blog Carnival! With the Premiership season set to get underway in 5 days, many of the submissions talked about the upcoming season. The pick of the week is the 2006-2007 EPL Season Preview for the top four teams last year over at Justifying Insanity. Huzaifa has insights into why […]

Thoughts on MLS Youth Development

Tweet During his recent State of the League address, MLS Commissioner Don Garber announced that the MLS would be releasing a new vertical youth development plan in the next few weeks. Vertical youth development is code for youth academies. To many US soccer fans this was huge news. European clubs have youth academies for kids […]

Carnival Reminders

Tweet Just a quick reminder that submissions for the 3rd Soccer/Football Carnival are due in by Sunday August 13th (3PM GMT) to be published here at On The Pitch August 14th. Also, the 4th American Soccer Carnival will be dedicated to the US Open Cup, to be published August 21st at My Soccer Blog. Mike […]