The Guardian has a new article up where Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA, admits he used to dive when he played. Granted, most strikers have dived at one time or another I expect and you have to give Sepp credit for trying to cut back on diving in the World Cup. However, there is some irony here so I had to pass it on!

"I was not a perfect player, I have to say, being a striker," said Blatter. "I tried … to get some advantages by joking with a player and then falling down by saying ‘but he touched me’. And in fact it was not that. I did it."

Before the World Cup, Fifa instructed referees to clamp down on any diving and playacting, with Blatter claiming: "Diving is worse than shirt-pulling or tripping. It is betraying the players and the referee. I’m in favour of red cards for diving."

You gotta give him snaps for being up front about it. I think we can all agree that FIFA’s attempt to reduce ‘simulation’ in the World Cup didn’t go very well, but it is a worthwhile goal and here’s hoping they get better at penalizing divers.