I really enjoy reading the few blogs in the Soccersphere written by referees. Reading about the antics of coaches, players, and even spectators can be both funny and sad at the same time. Lately, TheRef over at The RefBlog has been the only one posting regularly, but no longer.

The Merry WhistleBlower @ Whistling In The Wind has returned!

This blog died a while ago. I didn’t mean or want it to die. I just had a number of extremely boring and unenjoyable matches in a string that left me with nothing to update with except some rather mean-spirited pissing and moaning, and I followed the principle of not saying anything if one has nothing nice to say, and by the time some decent games rolled round I’d got out of the habit.

Here’s to getting back into it.

Here’s hoping the Merry WhistleBlower finds the time to write up Parts 2 and 3 of How To Win Your Referee Over.