World Cup vs NBA Finals – Guess Who Wins?

Over at the Footcer Socblog, incendiarymind notes that ESPN is running an online poll asking what is the most interesting event: US in the World Cup, NBA Finals, or US Open. They even break it down by state (GeoIP is so cool) and the blue states, World Cup, is winning big.

I went and voted (have you?) and the map has changed a bit since the Footcer post, with a few states flipping red (NBA Finals), but the World Cup still leads 47% to 38% over the NBA Finals. Now online polls are statistically insignificant because there’s no way to control for a balanced voting pool, but still. I was very impressed. I expect after today’s match, we’ll have even more folks rooting for the US on Thursday. Of course you really have to wonder why they didn’t include the Stanley Cup Finals in the poll as well. Are they trying to say something?

Here’s the map after 87,000 votes or so. Interesting how the NBA states are mostly grouped together.

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  1. World cup is so big, bigger than the olympics. I would not be surprised if soccer becomes the most popular sport in the US.

  2. Yankee – Oh much as many of us wish it so, I seriously doubt it’ll ever reach that level. There are too many sports competing for fans these days. No doubt soccer is growing, but the real test will be once the World Cup ends, is there any boost in MLS ratings and ticket sales. We’ll see! I sure hope so.