Steve Gilliard normally writes about politics at The News Blog, but being an avid soccer like the rest of us, he’s been writing about the World Cup a lot lately and has World Cup open threads every day. Browsing through the comments of today’s thread, it was clear the ‘American’s Hate Soccer’ debate was in full swing. But that was just noise. They always say the World Cup can pause wars and join nations together. In keeping with that, I got a kick out of this comment:

The Mexico – Iran match is starts in about 30. Yeah Iran’s president is
a freaking Holocaust denying nut but I’m still supporting Iran. I hate
Mexico too much to cheer them on.


You can’t argue with that! Unless you’re a Mexico fan!

How can you not cheer for the underdog? I’ll probably get raided by the FBI via the NSA by saying this, but… GO IRAN!