Less than 24 hours to game time! The time zone difference means most World Cup matches will be played in the morning and early afternoon here in the US. What a great opportunity to get kids excited about soccer! Most of them have gotten out of school or will be out very soon, which means they’ll be complaining of boredom within days. What better way to cure that boredom than going out for pizza and watching the World Cup? What’s that you say? Stuck at work? Well there’s always lunch hour!

I know the kids and I will be heading out tomorrow and definitely Tuesday. I’m curious what other folks plan to do to get the kids excited about the World Cup. If you help run a youth league, you might be surprised how many of your parents aren’t clued into the events at hand. We sent out a quick overview and encouraged them to plan some activities around the matches. You might want to do something similar if you haven’t already.

If you have other cool ideas, by all means post in the comments!