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Entries for June, 2006

There Is No Excuse For Dishonest Reporting

Tweet American soccer fans have long endured idiotic sports writers who trash soccer on a regular basis trying to reinforce the idea that Americans hate soccer. But there is absolutely no excuse for dishonest reporting, no matter how often it happens. Steve Jones has an article out via Reuters that is just plain dishonest because […]

What Is Blatter Blathering On About?

Tweet I’m just a lowly youth league president. My biggest problem are hooligan parents (joke – mostly). But even I know that you don’t talk about the performance of teams in a tournament, at least until it’s over. But maybe that’s just me. FIFA President Sepp Blatter is at it again, complaining about England’s offensive […]

We Soccer Fans Sure Do Have A Lot To Say

Tweet I stumbled across a fun tool called BlogPulse which is similar to Google Trends, except it tracks trends of phrases in the blogosphere. Lets see how often you find "World Cup", "NBA Finals", and "Stanley Cup" on blogs this month: That’s pretty impressive. 2% of the blog posts on the Internet June 9th were […]

USA v Ghana and Overall World Cup TV Ratings So Far

Tweet According to Nielsen, the USA v Ghana World Cup match pulled a 2.6 rating and 3.819 million viewers on ESPN, making it the #7 Cable TV program for the week of June 19th. Not too shabby considering it was on between 7AM and 10AM on a weekday across the country. Via MultiChannel News: "ESPN […]

What All Soccer Dads Should Get Their Little Princesses

Tweet Now this is one lucky little girl. Yes, that’s a real Teamgeist.

Does Soccer Need Major Surgery or A Couple Stitches?

Tweet The Football kNuts put up a fairly detailed post filled with ideas on how to fix the fundamentally broken game of soccer. Many people have complained about the state of soccer in the 2006 World Cup and many have been upset over the number of bookings (though others will say they are justified). Being […]

Dodgy Diver Divas Don’t Deserve Dignity

Tweet Austin Kelley has an article up at Slate that tries to justify diving as a civilizing influence on the beautiful game. While his overall intentions are reasonable, using diving to achieve them is just, well, wrong. First, there is diving and there is DIVING. If a player gets fouled by a hard tackle and […]

ESPN – PLEASE Show Dave O’Brien A Red Card!

Tweet The complaints started before the first match. Why did ESPN choose a baseball announcer who had no clue about soccer to call the premiere matches in the 2006 World Cup? US Soccer fans, overjoyed that all 64 matches would be broadcast live, were dismayed at the choice of Dave O’Brien. In early March an […]

Has The Card-a-thon Set Things Back In The US?

Tweet I’ve seen a number of comments on various forums where people think the flood of cards in this World Cup will turn off ‘new’ US fans who tuned in for the first time, reaffirming it as a ‘sissy’ sport. I just don’t buy that. American Football? The flag flies constantly. Basketball? Players spend a […]

WOW! What A Game! Italy 1 Socceroos 0

Tweet What a great game. Playing a man down, Italy manages to hold the Socceroos back 0-0 as stoppage time is expiring. Both teams have numerous closeup attempts on goal with a number of turning strikes. Grosso of Italy gets by the Australian defender to the right of the goal, gets taken down in the […]

I Have A Confession To Make

Tweet It was a brutal match with tempers flaring, red cards flying, and not what one thinks of when referring to ‘the beautiful game’ But I confess that the Portugal Netherlands battle was fun to watch. I know, I know, I really should should scoff at the players behavior, but after the England-Ecuador sleeper it […]

CONCACAF Champions League – Would It Help?

Tweet A lot of discussion surrounding the dismal performance of the USMNT in the World Cup has been the lack of top level competition for the MLS and CONCACAF. What if CONCACAF had a ‘Champions League’ similar to the UEFA Champions League? Would a tournament of the best pro teams in CONCACAF help top MLS […]

Nobody’s THAT Faithful

Tweet Lest our European friends think we’re fair weather fans… Now that our team has gone down in flames, who will you be pulling for in the knockout rounds?  

Survey Says … Off With His Head!

Tweet It all started with ESPN commentators and ex USMNT members Wynalda and Balboa calling for Arena’s firing flat out. Julie Foudy tried to stick up for him but it was halfhearted at best. A quick look around the Soccersphere and there is no question it’s a pile-on. While it is often instinctive for fans […]

It Hurts – But We Still Have Lots of Soccer Left

Tweet The USA didn’t deserve to advance. What else can you say? Bruce Arena, known for taking chances and winning, turns conservative for the World Cup. Every match many felt he should have put more power up front. One of ESPN’s commentators, Eric Wynalda, felt it was time for US Soccer to think about a […]