I hope those of you in the US have cool Memorial Day plans in place! I’m kicking back by the lake with a drink in hand … and posting to my blog. This is SO wrong, yet so right.

I’ve camped most of my life. Sleeping in a tent in the fall buried in a sleeping bag or even camping in a trailer in the dead of winter to go snowmobiling. You might have had a little of the real world along with you, but not like today. My buddy has a 27 foot trailer which is no big deal. But he also has a 17" widescreen TV, two satellite receivers (one is a PVR with tons of recorded shows), two laptops, and Internet access via cellphone. I myself have a pop-up trailer, but am still connected with my laptop and cellphone via Bluetooth. The kids have the GameBoys and portable DVD players on hand as well.

Some people might scoff at that, but who says you ALWAYS have to rough it when you’re camping? We aren’t living in the trailers 24×7 and we’ll be canoing around the lake to do a bit of GeoCaching (gotta have technology involved somehow) Nature hikes and romps with the puppies we brought along are on tap as well. Most of the time the technology stuff gets used at night or if it’s raining. But hey – we’ll be watching the US v Venezuela friendly tonight on satellite. Sweet!

Hope you all have a great Memorial Day holiday!