MLS Fangirl has a post up about one of ‘those’ arguments about why soccer is called soccer here and football everywhere else. While describing it, she has come up with the Best. SportsWriter. Description. Ever.

Never mind that the main voice in this debate is a kid from Finland who thinks that the US is going to become a huge football powerhouse and start dominating the world game, simply because he thinks we have a ton of money and interest in the game over here. I’d like to introduce him to the cadre of sportswriters in the next room who, if they woke up in bed after a one-night stand with soccer, would chew their own arms off to get away from it. Yes, in the US, soccer is the coyote ugly of the sportswriters’ world.

SmileyI laughed so hard I woke up the baby. Oh well, it was time to eat anyway.