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Entries for May, 2006

Ahhhh Vacation…

I’m on vacation, but… I’m still WAY too connected

BREAKING: US Fans Not Freaking Out. News at 11!

The BBC decides the fervor of US fans or lack thereof is a sign soccer in the US is still ignored. Please.

Is Rounder Better?

Seems like some keepers aren’t as thrilled about the new Teamgeist soccer ball as the strikers are.

Why We Love The Beautiful Game

As the World Cup approaches, we’ll be looked at differently next month. Why ARE we so excited? What are we so hyped up about? What is it that sends chills down our spines seeing a commercial?

Roster Assignments Part II – You Want To Do WHAT?

We’ve been discussing a number of possible options for changing how our soccer league makes roster assignments. Not all are created equal and none is likely to be the clear winner.

Are You One Of Us?

The excitement is building. You can feel it. On TV, in the bars, on the street. The excitement is DEFINITELY building.

Impressive Saves – Gianluigi Buffon

Compilation of Gianluigi Buffon saves on YouTube

Were Your Bars Packed?

The Champions League final drew a lot of fans in the US to watch it live. What was it like in your neck of the woods?

You Know My Kid WANTS A Mohawk

Maybe it’s time to let him get one

Soccer, Search Trends, and Advertising

An update on my experiment with Google AdWords

Everything Should Be Back To Normal

Our internet uplink went bonkers Sunday morning after another severe storm and the site was on and off until today

Roster Assignments Part I – Step Away From The Abyss!

This is a problem faced by all youth sports. What is the best way to handle roster assignments without upsetting too many of your parents?

Best Sportswriter Description Ever

MLS Fangirl nails one in the corner with her description of the sports press in relation to soccer.

What Was FIFA Thinking? Show Me The Money!

I am absolutely floored FIFA would give Anheuser-Busch exclusive rights to sell beer during the World Cup. In Germany!

It’s A Whole New Ballgame

Best catch-phrase for a soccer ad in the US yet