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Entries for April, 2006

Mystic Ball and Chinlone – Got Ball Control??

We’ve all seen some amazing videos of people with astounding ball juggling and control skills, but there is something that makes them look like childs play. You won’t believe the ability of the players of Chinlone.

World Cup Cease And Desist

The WorldCupBlog gets the FIFA lawyers up in arms… Rightly so.

Let’s See Michael Jordan Do This

Who says you need a soccer ball to do slick moves…

We Don’t Hate It – We Just Don’t Understand It

Maybe if we’d stop saying Americans Hate Soccer over and over, they’d start to listen and we’d find out they really like it

World Cup Improvements (Or Not)

The World Cup Blog asks an interesting question – how would you change the World Cup to make it better?

Teaching The Cliche

“There is no I in TEAM” is a much abused cliche, but teaching it to 9 year olds is a challenge I’ve yet to master.

Offside – Keepers Interference

I’ve found that this is probably the most contested offsides call in our league and also the most difficult call to make – keeper interference.

US Referees and the Next Level

US Referees are at a disadvantage since they are not full time professionals which makes rising to the level of World Cup officiating difficult