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Entries for March, 2006

So Says This American Game

As the World Cup approaches, many Americans are still unaware what June will bring. Nike is trying to remind them in no uncertain terms. Soccer has arrived in America.

Keeper’s Funniest Videos

Keepers don’t get the respect they deserve. For all the spectacular saves, there are also the mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are, um, big.

Meet Teamgeist – Not Your Average Ball

Adidas has designed a new ball for the 2006 World Cup and it is not your youngster’s soccer ball!

Punting Offside

This seems really obvious, but I’ve never seen offsides called in this scenario…

Local College Spring Schedules

Collegiate Spring Soccer – For the true area soccer fanatic

Sometimes Kids Know Best!

If you’re a soccer parent, you really should read this before your child’s next match!

Got Something To Drink???

A recent study finds chocolate milk to be just a refreshing for athletes as Gatorade. Time for Gatorade and the Dairy Board to start a smackdown.

All Time World Cup Goals

Pro Punter has a list of Top Ten World Cup Goals available for viewing. I say we come up with Top Ten all time goals.

To Slide Tackle Or Not To Slide Tackle…

Slide tackles are prohibited in most youth soccer leagues due to the injuries that can occur and the inexperience of the players. But they have to be taught eventually. When is the best time?

MLS Goal Of The Decade Is…

Carlos Ruiz’s bicycle kick from FC Dallas’s May 28, 2005, match vs. DC United

MLS Goal Of The Decade – Voting Ends Tuesday!

We’re down to the final five… Voting ends March 6th!

Would A Replay Be THAT Bad?

After a recent spat of nullified goals based on bad offsides calls has people asking if instant replays are needed.

So Much For In Like A Lamb

We kicked off our Spring season yesterday in howling wind and temps below 40F – not fun!

Words To Live By

The Ref has some words of wisdom…

Pros In The Snow – Good Or Bad?

Bruce talks about the recent snowfest for USA vs. Poland and raises the question of a FIFA aligned MLS schedule and the winter matches that would result