I was involved in an accident yesterday morning that highlighted just how far our cars have come in terms of minimizing injury and absorbing the energy of the impact. As I was stopped to make a left turn into my driveway, I was hit from behind by a driver who was distracted and never saw me stopped. We live in the middle of a very long and flat stretch of road with a 45 MPH speed limit so cars are generally moving at a good clip. The person who hit me never saw that I was stopped, waiting for an oncoming car to pass, and drove right into my trunk. I drive (or rather drove
Smiley) a late model Chevy Impala sedan which is classified as a ‘Large Sedan’. It is a heavy car (just under 3500 lbs) and as long as our Windstar mini-van. The car that hit me was a Honda Civic – not a huge car (just over 2500 lbs). You’d think that in a high-speed accident where a significantly lighter car hits a heavier car, someone is going to get hurt. But not this day – both of us walked away without a scratch and I was playing pickup soccer with our league coaches the next day. I was VERY lucky.

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