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Entries for February, 2006

When Soccer And Blogs Mix

The Ref talks about a recent send off in indoor and highlights how things have changed thanks to technology.

An Offside Primer for Parents

As any soccer coach knows – getting parents to understand offsides is a tough challenge. Here is a primer we sent ours trying to improve their understanding of it.

Setting Parent Expectations

We’ve found that the most common cause for upset parents is a lack of understanding of the game. So we remind them – often!

Lords Of The Pitch … Not So Much

A lot of the hard-core American soccer fans have the sex appeal of a Level 2 half-orc wizard who lost his 20-sided die. These guys are really good at drinking beer, screaming obscenities and obsessing over the minutiae of the pariah of professional sports. Nuff said

UNC, Duke, and NC State Scrimmages This Sunday

Tweet Jarrett @ TriSoccerFan notes that the local university teams will be scrimmaging this Sunday (tomorrow 2/26): The UNC men will be having their second intrasquad scrimmage at 10:30am over at the Finley Fields while the Duke and NCSU men square off at 2pm at Duke’s practice fields. Finley Fields are located off of Old […]

Yes, I Played Pickup Soccer The Day After This

I was VERY lucky when I got rear ended at high speed waiting to turn into my driveway

US vs Jamaica in Cary, North Carolina

The US Team will face Jamaica in April at the SAS Soccer Park. Excellent news for Triangle soccer fans!

MLS Goal Of The Decade – Down To 10

The field is down to 10 – so vote before Feb 27th

USYS Parent Education Program

The national US soccer associations are coming out with some very useful materials for parent and coach education.

Ever Wonder Why It’s Called A ‘Pitch’?

My Google-foo was put to the test, but I finally found some background on why soccer fields (and rugby and cricket fields) are called pitches

IFAB Law Change Proposals

The IFAB Law Change proposals are out for this year’s meeting

Call? What Call?

Arguing with the ref is never wise, but arguing over a call the ref never even made – well that’s just asking for it!

New Site URL – onthepitch.org

I have no idea why I didn’t do this from the start

MLS Goal Of The Decade

Vote on your favorite MLS goal

USSF Best Practices For Coaching Soccer

The USSF just released an excellent guide for youth soccer coaches.