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Entries for October, 2005

An Exciting & Challenging Weekend Ahead

My daughter (U8) and son (U10) play their last matches of the regular season this weekend and it is going to be exciting!

Ensuring Equitable Playing Time For All

A common problem across youth sports in America is the tendency of coaches to play the stars and leave the rest of the team warming the bench. How can it be prevented?

To Challenge or Not To Challenge

All parents think their kids are super stars, but when your child shows promise in a sport, figuring out if moving to the ‘next level’ is the right choice can be difficult.

Coaches Have To Eat Too!

You sort of feel like a sell-out putting any advertising on you site, but… You have to eat too!


I discover new differences between coaching U6 (herding cats) and coaching U10 (still trying to figure it out) every week

Splish! Splash!

Now THAT was a wild and wet Saturday

The Cleats of Imminent Doom – On IFC in October!

This little short film generates more Google hits to my site than anything else and its FINALLY coming on IFC again!

When The Whistle Blows…

Our first installment of Tough Call… If the ref blows their whistle and then decides they didn’t mean to – ‘play on’ can have some significant consequences.