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Entries for September, 2005

When Did Cleats Become Plastic?

After my son managed to tear three cleats off his ‘boots’, I went shopping for a new pair. I was surprised to see what the some newer ones were made of.

Fences Make Good Neighbors, But This Is Crazy

All leagues have to deal with unruly parents from time to time, but putting up a 6ft fence around the field is insane

Employee Volunteer Grants

Many people don’t realize that organizations they volunteer for can sometimes get matching monetary gifts from their employer that go directly to the organization

Well For Certain Fans it WAS an Emergency

When the championship is on the line, what’s a little fuel shortage among friends?

Handling A Lopsided Match

One of the more challenging things for a coach is when your team is suddenly up by 5 or 10 points and its only halftime.

Soccer Sidelines – Oh The Intrigue!

Research psychologists could have a field day studying the chaos that is your youth soccer sideline!

Who Knew Mouthguards Would Be So Difficult

Our league mandated mouthguards for the first time this season and its been, um, a learning experience

My First Win…

I made a huge leap this seaosn from coaching a U6 team to trying my hand at the U10 level. Still not sure if I was ready or not, but so far I’m not a total disaster!

Opening Day Went Well!

Our first round of matches were August 27th and a lot of fun was had by all

Sorry for the lack of posts…

Tweet I’ve had an ongoing crisis at work that has consumed just about every waking hour for the past month.  We finally got it resolved this past week so I hope to polish off a number of drafts I have stored up and get new posts up soon!