Drills, Drills, Drills

When I first got started coaching youth soccer, I was lucky to have Google at my side.  I found a lot of resources online related to coaching soccer and drills that are often used to teach the game.  I also tried some DVDs, books, and watching other coaches.  But eventually I hit information overload.  Even with all those drills, like any teacher, you have to put some type of lesson plan together.  So I found it hard to try and come up with what drills I should be using and when.  Plus some drills work, some don’t depending on your kids, or some just don’t seem to make sense.

I’ve been toying with the idea of tracking my practices online with an eye towards what drills got used, and how the kids reacted to them.  Did they help?  Were they too hard to run?  Did the kids enjoy them? I figure if I do it in the blog with a decent category setup – I might begin to build up a decent collection.  So I’m going to give that a try.

As I use various drills in practice I’ll try to post a synopsis of the drill, where I happened to find out about it, and how it went with my team.  I’ll even throw in my own ratings.  But what will make it really useful is if other coaches post their comments and insights about the drills in the comments and possibly even suggestions for improvement or variations.  That would build a pretty cool resource.

So we’ll see how it goes… It may not be worth the time, but I hope that it is.  Even just for me, being able to look back to a previous season or year of practices will better help me craft practice program for my new teams.

Here goes nothing…

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