I’ve had a number of people mention this short film to me that played on IFC in June during their Short Film Collection program. Here’s a little blurb about it:

Soccer! Sugar! Rebellion! Oh my! "Cleats" is an epic comedic romp on the greatest battlefield of them all – a suburban soccer field! Everybody is here; the coach who just wants to win, the rival team with slick moves ("web of death!"), the team’s only hope with a severe case of ADD, and the loner who just wants to be accepted. You’ll fall in love with the cast of characters, and root for the Cleats of Imminent Doom all the way through to the very last goal. The film is written and directed by Craig Hammil.

A soccer dad in Texas thought it was okay. But others have gotten a kick out of it:

And have you guys ever watched the Independent Film (IFC) channel? We saw a short film called The Cleats of Imminent Doom, about two girls soccer teams in a championship game. *dies* ItwasthecutestfuckingthingI’veeverseen.

But beyond that there is little about it on the net. Most of the people who have asked if I’ve seen it have been local friends in person who were rolling on the floor laughing while watching it. There isn’t a whole lot about it on the web. Found the casting call for it though – the things you find online…

So has anyone seen this? Its not anywhere on IFC’s website or in their July schedule of short films. Too bad.

UPDATE: IFC is showing "Cleats" in October as part of the IFC October Short Film Collection II.