On The Pitch

Thoughts on Youth Soccer from a Soccer Dad, Fan, Coach and Administrator

Entries for July, 2005

MLS Rising

Recent exhibition matches showcase the rising talent level of the MLS players as they play British Pro teams in the summer exhibition series

Resistance Is Futile!

A mom laments on how she goes to the games, sits on the grass, but refuses to ‘cross-over’ to the realm of the soccer mom

Is It Black/White or Metro/Suburb (or Both?)

A look into why youth soccer leagues are decisively white and what stands in the way of diversity

NCYSA Here We Come!

Our coaches approved pursuing affiliation with the NC Youth Soccer Association. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us!

Summer Camp Fun

We’re sponsoring our first summer camp through Challenger Sports and the kids are having a blast!

Wow! Is it July ALREADY?

We start practice in less than a month! Where did the summer break go?

Registration – Does It Take A Bat?

Why is it so hard to get people to register?

The Cleats of Imminent Doom

This short film us supposed to be hilarious – has anyone seen it? Can it be viewed online anywhere?