Well the season is over.  This was our longest Spring season so far (we usually finished up by early or mid April) and yet it was worth it.  Everyone really enjoyed the tournament. For those of you still playing, the reason we end so early is we use the baseball fields in town to play and once Little League starts in late March, we can’t practice during the week and the weekends get busier (with baseball tournaments, Spring events, etc)  So we start practicing in late January and play through April.  When our new fields are done I expect our schedule will shift. But the end of the season is always a mix of relief and regret.

I spent yesterday unpacking my soccer bag – which is very much like a woman’s purse.  There’s no telling what you’ll find in there.  By the end of the season its so loaded with junk, trash, gear, grass clipping, dirt, cups, stakes, etc that you can hardly carry it.  I swear I’m going to design some type of modified SUV version of those rolling backpacks kids have at school, for soccer coaches, and make a fortune.  During the season I’m just a pack mule.  Between the bag of balls, water cooler, cones, equipment bag, and the like I can hardly walk!  Some of our coaches have trucks and bring their kid’s wagons to haul stuff to the fields.  But I’ve got a car – I need to find something sturdy, yet collapsible. But I digress.

By the time I had cleared everything out, and put it on a shelf in the garage, I was happy to get a few days of my weeks back.  But I also miss working with the kids – we had a good group this year.  But with the last bit of soccer stuff stowed away in the garage, it hit me… Its May – I have to kick off Fall 2005 registration within a week!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!