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Entries for May, 2005

3v3 Tournaments

On the surface these seem like bizarre little events. But man are the fun to watch, coach, and play in.

A New Day and A New Theme

If the blog is On The Pitch – the theme has got to have grass in it somewhere!

Who Says Soccer Can’t Be Popular In The US?

Americans dismissed soccer for a number of reasons – but one of them was beyond parents with kids who played – they never had a chance to SEE soccer. That is changing…

Racism in Football

How can anyone with a straight face say monkey chants aren’t racist?

Organized Chaos

Your average end of season party isn’t too hectic – unless you have 3 teams worth of parties at the same time!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For … SUBS!

Does anyone else have trouble getting the ref’s attention to send in subs? How do you handle it?

I Can Finally Relax

HAHAHAHAHA As if. Registration starts in a week!

The Tournament Was A Success!

But we have GOT to get bigger goals for the older kids!

Winning Is Easy…

Its the whole losing thing that takes a lot of effort to deal with as a parent.