Sometimes you know Murphy just has it in for you.  All of our championship matches are scheduled for tomorrow and what pops up on our weather bug?

Special Weather Statement Statement as of 1:44 PM EDT on April 29, 2005

… Risk of severe thunderstorms Saturday afternoon across sections of central North Carolina…

Low pressure will move northeast into the Ohio Valley by Saturday with a trailing cold front that will move across central North Carolina Saturday afternoon. The airmass over central North Carolina is expected to become unstable during the afternoon. The combination of the approaching cold front and the unstable airmass will support the development of scattered thunderstorms.

The wind profile suggest the potential for damaging straightline winds with the stronger storms. The storms may also produce hail. Finally… torrential downpours and frequent cloud-to-ground lightning strikes can also be expected with the storms.

The threat for severe storms appears to be greatest between 1 PM and 7 PM. The risk of severe storms exist across the entire area but more so along and east of Highway 1.

If you have plans to be outdoors… keep a close eye on the sky and move quickly into a sturdy shelter when a thunderstorm approaches. Stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio and other local media for further details or updates.

Hail, frequent lightning, strong winds – all that’s missing is locusts!  Oh and guess when our matches are scheduled for tomorrow – you guessed it – 1PM through 7PM.  Oh joy!