When it comes to collecting money, thankfully we only have about 550 players in our league.  But that’s still a lot of players to collect from! I just got done counting the money turned in by my division’s coaches.  And there are still a few coaches we’ll have to track down with ‘Vinny’ to collect from.  I can’t imagine how larger leagues do it.  Actually I can – credit cards.

Now that we’re on our way to incorporating, I’ve often given thought to adding some type of payment collection system to SoccerSys.  That way parents could pay when they register.  Since almost 3/4 of our parents register online – it sure would make things easy.  But taking credit cards online is involved – I’ve done it before.  There are services out there that will collect the money for you – for a fee of course. Paypal probably would be easy to setup and use, but the trick is what type of fee we’d have to pay as a non-profit.  Need to look into that.

Since Fall 2005 Registration starts in like days, I won’t have time to do it for this upcoming season, but definitely something to consider!